I was referred to Dr Denesh from my work Medical Clinic for a follow up colonoscopy after an initial procedure 4 years prior. I requested a change of doctor due to my initial experience of this procedure being somewhat uncomfortable and my concerns about the risks of bowel perforation during the procedure. The initial consultation with Dr Denesh left me in no doubt that his interests were for the concern and safety of his patients above all else but what impressed me most was his honesty.

Throughout the process of the procedure and follow up consultations, and a further procedure, my confidence in Dr Denesh's ability to convey information and put his patients at ease always grew stronger. The impression that his professional integrity left on me meant I had no hesitation in recommending that my wife see him for her initial colonoscopy. Further to this I talked my friend into forgetting about returning to Australia for his colonoscopy and recommended he have a consultation with Dr Denesh.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr Denesh over the last 5 months and there are few Doctors that I would take the time to write these words for. He has never hesitated to ring me personally if I have called or E-mailed for information if I had concerns or questions. Dr Denesh has a good sense of humour and is a happy person. Coupled with his professional approach to his job he finds a good balance in developing his doctor patient relationship.

I consider Dr Denesh as much a friend as I do my Doctor.