Dr. Denesh Gopalan , is a well known physician with more than 20 years of experience in the field of medicine and gastroenterology. He did his undergraduate medicine in Trivandrum Medical College, India and then pursued his post graduation in General Medicine in the very same college.
He moved to Ireland to pursue speciality training and was trained in Gastroenterology at the Beaumont Hospital and the Mater Hospitals of Dublin, Ireland. He obtained FRCP from Glasgow and has since worked in the middle east including countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. He worked for 10 years in American Hospital Dubai and briefly for 1 and half years in Welcare Hospital and then for the past 4 yrs working in Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. He works part time in Medcare Clinic Jumeirah Beach Road as Specialist Gastroenterologist. This website aims to serve as a guide to those patients who have been posted for a GI procedure which will help them clarify their queries related to the procedure and will also highlight the preparation steps one has to adapt for the same.

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